Probiotics, Coconut Water Kefir & Raw Non-Dairy Coconut Yogurt, Ep14

Today’s episode is all about Probiotics and how to make my favorite– Coconut Water Kefir and Coconut Yogurt— super yum and super simple. I show you different ways of making these cultured foods that is cheap and simple to make. I’ve been drinking kefir for years and have noticed a major difference in my skin and especially my digestion.

Probiotics, Coconut Water Kefir & Raw Non-Dairy Coconut Yogurt

If you want to read more about Coconut Kefir and probiotics, I suggest reading:

The Body Ecology Diet

Also, there are loads of on-line resources and information, just do a google search. If you are interested in buying kefir grains or a kefir starter kit, you can go here or even look on Craig’s List– people harvest them and give them away for free!!

Today’s Food:

Juice Juice Juice

I’m still on a juice fast, here are the ingredients in my juices today:

cucumber, spinach, celery, beet, tomatoes, grapes, watermelon, mango, blueberries, strawberries

Today’s Exercise:

2.5 hours bike riding

14 thoughts on “Probiotics, Coconut Water Kefir & Raw Non-Dairy Coconut Yogurt, Ep14

  1. Can’t wait to try this Natasha! One question about the Kefir granules…do you throw them out after one use or do you re-use them? And do the granules themselves need to be kept cold during storage?

  2. Awesome!!! There are different types of Kefir Grains, you can get the ones that last forever, just make sure they are Water Kefir Grains and here is a link to a source I found that sells them if you are interested. When you aren’t using the grains, you can store them in the refrigerator in coconut water. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the Kefir and Probiotics, so today’s episode I answer them, check it out!!

  3. I noticed you just set the top on in the video – do you leave it that way or are you supposed to tighten the cap so no air gets in??

    Also… do you have to wash the kefir grains when you’re done with them or do you just pick them out and throw em in something else?

    Why were the grains put in a sac when used for the yogurt but not the water kefir?

  4. @Candace
    Your very perceptive Candace!! The reason why I set the lid on the top of the jar is because that jar is the only completely clear glass jar I had at the time (all the glass jars I had have labels on them so you can’t see the contents very well, and thats not good for the videos) Unfortunately I didn’t have a perfect lid for the jar and since I just used it for demos, I just showed another lid just so people get an idea! In actuality, I use another jar that has a perfect lid and I close the lid. (Sorry about the confusion!) So yes, tighten the cap!!

    I don’t wash the kefir grains, no need to. Using them with dairy products where they are sitting around for long time, once in a while– yes, but with coconut, no need.

    Kefir grains are put in a sac with yogurt because yogurt is to thick to drain the kefir grains– with the coconut water you can strain the kefir grains out, yogurt you can’t.

  5. Awesome! Thanks! I started watching YouTube videos to try to find the answer but I noticed about half the people were just setting the lids on! Probably to save time making their video and I’m the only nerd that noticed. : P

  6. So can we simply buy coconut water. Pour it into a tupperware bowl.. right now, i have no empty glass jars. Then let it sit for 2 days. /Or is the prebought coconut water already fermented?

  7. Good work! Your post is an excellent example of why I keep coming back to read your excellent quality content that is forever updated. Thank you!

  8. Less salt than gatorade and custom mixes to suit your needs. As for the calories unless your anorexic or a couch potato I don’t think 100 calories will kill you..

  9. i think that vitamin water is tasty and in no way was i duped to believe that i was drinking some ultra healthy drink. all i know is that it has to be better for you than gatorade and definitely pop.

  10. I have been wondering about the change to Fruitwater–adding fructose. I used to love Fruitwater w/o the sugar. Now I don’t like the flavor at all–too sweet and no longer healthy. Why the change? I have been unable to find a way to contact Glaceau to ask. Their websites come up requesting a user name and password.

  11. Hello Natasha,
    I was given a small amount of kefir grain (approx 2 tablespoons)s by a friend and have been making coconut water kefir with bought coconut water for about 4 months now. I ferment about 1 pint of coconut water and the grains on a 48hr cycle – this gives me a good glass worths per day.BUT My kefir quantity is growing – is this normal – (like other cultures eg Kombucha – do they multiply???) – I would like to pass a batch on to a friend who is not well with a supposed high yeast presence in his system, but wonder if I am passing on a healthy batch. My kefir grains have almost doubled since I first received them.
    Thanks for the you tubes videos – I am saving so much money compared to ineffective and expensive probiotics.

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